Agri-Marketing Conference To Be In KC Through 2013

Written by NAMA on Wednesday, January 14, 2009 , 1:10 pm

After careful review, the NAMA Executive Committee has announced that the annual Agri-Marketing Conference will be held in Kansas City the next four years. The committee cited two primary reasons: member satisfaction and cost control.

Historically, member participation has been stronger at Kansas City conferences, both in terms of delegate registrations and student competition. This is due in part because its central location makes the city a convenient and affordable travel destination from virtually anywhere in the country.

It’s also because Kansas City is an attractive city to visit as is reflected by its scores on conference surveys, consistently higher than any other conference location. In addition, the committee felt that recent investments in the downtown area – including the Power and Light District – will make Kansas City an even more stronger conference venue in years to come.

In the current economy, cost is an obvious concern in conference planning. As already noted, the city compares favorably in terms of travel and lodging costs for attendees.

These benefits apply to the organization of the event as well. Meeting rooms are more affordable as are freight and handling costs for trade show participants. And, by committing to a multi-year contract, the committee was able to lock in even more favorable rates.

“Controlling the cost of facilities allows greater portion of conference revenues to be committed to speakers,” noted Carol Anderson, Mariposa Partners and NAMA President.  “Stronger programming creates stronger attendance. That’s the nucleus of a successful conference.”

If you have feedback please feel free to contact Jenny Pickett at the national office, 913-491-6500,

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