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Written by NAMA on Monday, April 6, 2015 , 12:30 pm

It’s not too late! You can still register for the 2015 Agri-Marketing Conference in Kansas City! With outstanding keynote speakers, breakout sessions to blow your mind and countless networking opportunities, you do not want to miss out on this experience. Just go online and register now!

Check out this updated list of who will be in Kansas City next week!

Zeihan-Photo2Peter Zeihan has replaced Jim Crupi as Keynote Speaker

Zeihan will join Hank Moore, Dr. Jackie Freiberg and Keni Thomas in the 2015 Agri-Marketing Conference Keynote Speaker Line Up! See below for a description of his session and a short biography.

U.S. Economy and Agriculture: Powers of Yesterday, Powers of Tomorrow 
Americans believe that their greatest days are behind them and that new powers are rising up to displace them. On the contrary, America’s best days — militarily, economically, agriculturally, financially and culturally — are still ahead of them. In fact, many of the countries that the Americans feel are up-and-comers are merely experiencing a historical moment in the sun courtesy of factors utterly beyond their control. The major powers of 2030 will not be based in Beijing or Moscow, but in Jakarta, Buenos Aires, Warsaw, Istanbul and Mexico City.

Peter Zeihan is a geopolitical strategist who has lived in the world of international affairs throughout his career. He launched his own firm, Zeihan on Geopolitics, in 2012 in order to specialize in customized executive briefings for his clients. In his new life Zeihan applies his 12 years of intelligence experience and a geopolitical perspective to the needs of his clients and helps them see their industries from a new point of view.

Zeihan is a frequent guest on CNN, ABC and Fox News. He is frequently interviewed for radio programs and has been quoted in the New York Times, Forbes and Bloomberg. Zeihan’s first independent book, The Accidental Superpower, was published in 2014.

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