Distinguish Yourself From Competition

Written by Chuck on Saturday, April 18, 2009 , 8:59 am

Scott McKainThe opening general session keynote speaker at the NAMA convention was Scott McKain, pictured here in front of the flames of ???? (you supply the description). The flames actually made for a very cool stage background and conversation topic throughout the event.

Scott is Vice Chairman, Obsidian Enterprises, author of What Customers REALLY Want and a new book: The Collapse of Distinction. I spoke to him just prior to his session and he says that the most important thing today for any business, including agribusiness, is to “distinguish yourself from the competition.” His talk focused on ways to do this.

For one thing, he says, social media provides a good opportunity to do it. He says you “have to do social media in today’s world. The only other option is failure.” He says we need to be in the lead on social media. He also says that creativity is vital and just pick one point or way you can stand out from your competitors and focus on it.

You can listen to my interview with Scott here: Scott McKain Interview (mp3)

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