Iowa NAMA Welcomed CEO of Beck Ag

Written by NAMA on Monday, November 17, 2014 , 10:30 am

Iowa Nov 2014 Event-S. Liska IMG_0626Iowa Nov 2014 Event IMG_4880 Iowa Nov 2014 Event IMG_4882The Iowa NAMA Chapter welcomed CEO of Beck Ag, Stephanie Liska, at the November 13th meeting to share the developmental story of Beck Ag’s Experience-Sharing Marketing and its strategies to shorten and accelerate the buying process. A few of the main concepts Stephanie shared with attendees were that online messaging needs to be thought of as if the conversation were happening at the kitchen table; a few sentences are said by one party and responded by the other with the same amount of dialog. Social media and online messaging should be kept “kitchen table real” in order to increase the engagement of users. Another great point Stephanie shared was to never assume how you read something is how someone wrote it/intended it to be read. Creating and maintaining open-ended and action oriented content is the key to having a successful social media and online presence.

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