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Written by NAMA on Monday, November 3, 2014 , 10:15 am

MoKan 10 21 14 IMG_1965 MoKan 10 21 14 IMG_1968 MoKan 10 21 14 IMG_1974On Tuesday, October 21, MoKan NAMA met for a lunch-and-learn panel discussion on “Traditional Media Strategy.” Panelists Scott Mortimer, Mindy Oberly and Pat Rosner, with moderator Kyle Bauer, discussed and answered questions on traditional media strategy and opportunities to help engage audiences.

All the “traditional media” are moving in different directions, and saying traditional isn’t really accurate anymore. Meredith looks at the goals and objectives of its clients to determine the best options and to get the most value for the clients, and many of the options are new takes on “traditional” media. No matter what, it’s important to hire the right media. Print is great at building brands and radio leads to action.

NAFB is also looking into innovative ideas and has a new tool called Check it out!

As far as guarantees, some media offer guarantees on digital, but the creative always has to be good for anything to be successful.

Media aren’t the only ones expanding on traditional roles. Farm broadcasters have taken on more and more as well. They don’t just do live broadcasts now, they also do appointment listening.

A good question to ask when considering media options is whether you or your clients want to be cutting edge or leading edge. It’s an important distinction. For those looking at the next big thing, the panel says custom content for farmers is coming.

The big takeaway is all media should work together to create layers — no matter if it’s traditional media or cutting edge.

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