Cornhusker NAMA and Website Makeovers

Written by NAMA on Thursday, October 31, 2013 , 9:38 am

October’s meeting was designed to help Cornhusker NAMA members focus on best practices for redesigning or creating a new website. Two member companies provided experts to lead the discussion. The interactive team from Swanson Russell addressed front-end design considerations. This team included Tony Stattler, Mike Henderson and Kara Cordell. Experts from iNet Solutions Group, Chet Slump and Dan Kuyper, helped members understand back-end complexities.

What should agri-marketers consider when it comes to a website makeover? Tony Stattler of Swanson Russell shared, “It’s important to take a step back and assess what you’re doing first. Then take some time to analyze your site’s audience.” This process helps uncover the overall objective of the site.

From a technical perspective, Chet Slump added that it’s also important to understand your technologies before jumping into development. “You’ll want to consider many of the back-end pieces before you get to the development stage.” While the back-end isn’t as glamorous as the front-end, it’s really where the magic happens. NAMA users were encouraged to consider hosting options, e-commerce needs and third-party integrations with various platforms such as social media and databases.

All speakers agreed, an effective website requires continual planning, time, attention, effort and skill.


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