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Get ready for the Trends In Agriculture fall meeting, November 11-12, in Kansas City. Everyone who registers by the early cut off date (October 27) will be entered in a drawing for a complimentary registration to the 2009 Agri-Marketing Conference in Atlanta, April 15-17, 2009!

Take a look at the outstanding sessions the Trends In Agriculture committee has in store for you:

Testing Your Current Strategy
Franck Schuurmans, Decision Strategies International

Most organizations already have strategies and tactics in place. Franck SchuurmansBut is your current strategy ‘future-proof’? In this type of engagement, Schuurmans focuses on different external future scenarios that might unfold and then test how your current strategy would fare under these different scenarios. He then helps you identify which areas of your strategy might require adjustment and monitoring as the future unfolds. Most companies pursue fragile strategies that will not easily survive a shift in how the wind is blowing. Many organizations have optimized their strategy for the present, not the future!Dan Duffy

Inadvertently, they have sacrificed long-term prosperity for short-term gain. He will assess how vulnerable your strategy is to external change, competitive forces and shifts in consumer demand.

Rural Lifestylers: Where Are They Now? Where Are They Headed?
Dan Duffy, United Country Real Estate

Susan SpauldingDan Duffy will discuss current trends in rural lifestyle marketing. Using case studies, he’ll give concrete examples of what’s working when it comes to resonating with this growing market. Find out why people are living in/moving to the country, who are they, what drives them, what motivates them.

Connecting With The Rural Lifestyler
Susan Spaulding, Market Directions
Courtney Yuskis, Country Living Association

Courtney YuskisGain a deeper understanding of customer touchpoints including the impact of new media. Information will be based on an attitudinal survey and Rural Lifestylers’ collection and perception of communications about products, services, and interests related to the Rural Lifestyle.

Utilizing Your Brand to Build Loyal Customers
Craig Elbert, Hallmark Cards

When your markets change from traditional ag Craig Elbertcustomers to a new type of customer, it impacts your marketing decisions. Craig Elbert, Marketing Strategy Manager, Hallmark Cards, will present an approach to building long-term loyalty through three key elements: knowing your history, building from your product’s usage cycle and holistically defining your go-to-market plan.

Learn about the key tools you need, including a consumer care cycle (a model Bruce Thomaswhich shows a consumer’s mindset and how it relates to your product/brand) and a brand value star which includes key points such as equity, experience, energy, money, product and communications.

Making the Sale: Marketers and Retailers Share Their Experiences in the Changing New Rural Community
This is a joint meeting with NAFB. Attendees registered for either meeting may attend.

Moderator: Bruce Thomas, Rural Lifestyle Communications Consultant

Jon Chase, John Deere
Preston Shaw, Cabela’s
Tim Nix, Morton Buildings
Brad Mallow, Carthage Farm Supply & Agricenter
Maggie Mell,

The rural lifestyle market has been pegged at a composite value of $32 billion—yet this growing segment overlaps established markets in more than just geography. Established marketers and retailers are positioning to attract and influence the new buyers while still serving their traditional producer customers, with growing inroads by entrepreneurial merchants. This panel will offer a fast-paced “roundtable” discussion of what it is taking to cater to rural lifestyle needs and expectations.

Following this session, stick around and enjoy a meet and greet with other session attendees and the speakers!

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