Ohio NAMA Tours Price Farms Organics

Written by NAMA on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 , 1:48 pm

Ohio Chapter members toured Price Farms Organics, Ltd, in Delaware, Ohio, followed by a luncheon and chapter meeting on June 26, 2008.

Price Farms Organics is a premiere organic bulk material farm licensed by the Ohio E.P.A. as a Class II Composting Facility. Its owner, Tom Price, conducted the tour and spoke at length about both the operation.

This is an extensive operation that strives to take full advantage of all opportunities to recycle what many would call waste.

Tom Price’s constant work over the years to recycle and to maintain environmental balance was recently recognized with his induction into the Ohio State Fair Ag Hall of Fame. A video of his induction was watched during the luncheon afterwards. Lunch also included discussion about future chapter programs. As those programs are finalized, information will be shared so members can add the dates to their calendars.

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