North Central Chapter Gets Philanthropic and Social

Written by NAMA on Thursday, November 15, 2012 , 8:05 am

Men like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are known for being philanthropic, so why can’t ag companies get the same reputation?  Ken Reiners thinks they can.

Reiners, of Reiners and Associates, spoke to roughly 30 NAMA members and guests on Thursday, Oct. 18, about incorporating philanthropy into our client and/or company budgets.  Reiners added that it is important to set expectations with donations to organizations.

In addition to discussing philanthropy, the group heard from two companies on how they incorporate social media with their organizations.  Lynne Leaf, corporate marketing strategy manager with Land O’Lakes, spoke about the importance of examining how, and if, social media is important for a campaign.  She said the first step is to establish the brand voice and then stay true to that voice in all social media venues.

Brenda Sisung, of Genex Cooperative, Inc., discussed how social media has enhanced business for their company’s sales force.  She said social media helps keep the information fresh for their sales force, as well as their customers.  She said social media is not just pushing products, it is engaging with the customer.

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