2012 Smart Marketing Trends Webinar

Written by NAMA on Tuesday, September 4, 2012 , 8:48 am

Thursday, September 13  1:00 p.m central

Are you an integrated marketer? Have you evaluated your current practices based on last year’s success? If these questions spark your interest, you won’t want to miss Nick Barkman from Gragg Advertising and Jennifer Flood from IntegriShield as they walk through establishing the best media mix in order to achieve an optimal cost per sale. Don’t be confused, the session is not about the hottest trends of the year. Because, according to Nick, there’s often “little correlation between what’s hot and what actually works.”

These trends have been tested, and Jennifer and Nick have a long list of client success stories to prove it. As experts in pay-per-click advertising, strategic partnerships, link building, database managing, and affiliate relationships, they will provide you with manageable steps you can take to “market smart.”

Register now for the webinar online at the link below or call the NAMA Office at 913-491-6500: https://secure.confertel.net/tsregister.asp?course=567301

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