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Written by NAMA on Monday, August 27, 2007 , 9:00 am

Exactly what is 40 kilometers from nowhere and just around the next bend? If you guessed Dog River, home of the Corner Gas crew, you’d be right on the money. If you guessed Rouleau (the real Dog River), Eyebrow, Elbow, Beechy, Riverhurst, Montmarte or any other home grown hamlet where life plays out exactly like Corner Gas, you’d be right again. And if you guessed CAMA Gas, 2007 Best of CAMA, Canada’s top awards program for agri-markets and friends, you win the biggest prize of all.

You’ve worked hard all year and now it’s time to show the fruit of your labors. Think about the great work you’re doing . . . strategies, publications, television, radio and print advertising, digital media, special events . . . whatever you’re proud of and put your talent on display. Winning a Best of CAMA award builds reputation for you and your organization and shows beyond the shadow of a patch of saskatoon berries that you have the knowledge and confidence to put yourself out there.

Entering your work in the Best of CAMA is a terrific growth opportunity for every agri-marketing and communication professional, whether you’re still wet behind the ears or one of our ethanol-seasoned vets. You’ll learn more about being a winner simply by putting your entry together, sharing ideas and networking with colleagues across the country.

Our stage manager is downright handy with wires and bulbs and if you win, the spotlight will follow your dancing, exuberant self to centre stage at the Best of CAMA celebration on November 14 at the Conexus Centre in Regina. Think of the applause! Imagine what winning does for your resume.

Is Best of CAMA challenging? Absolutely! Is it achievable? You bet! Winning a CAMA award is a mark of excellence in our profession and participating is a mark of your commitment to give ‘er snooze, put yourself out there and strive for excellence.

So, grab your Hungry Man TV dinner, run to your computer and boot up the Best of CAMA 2007 website at www.bestofcama.com.

Entry deadline is close of business, Monday, September 24. By the way, that’s close of business in Saskatchewan where daylight savings time is a myth because roosters crow at the crack of dawn regardless of what the clock says. At least, that what they tell us.

Questions? Please e-mail Claire Watson at claire.watson@fcc-fac.ca.
Help us grow the 2007 Best of CAMA competition beyond the wildest imagination of any double-dog-dare-you, prairie-tough marketing professional. And that’s pretty wild. We’re looking forward to a bumper crop of entries!

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