Who’s Pulling Our Chain?

Written by NAMA on Thursday, August 16, 2007 , 1:47 pm

The 2007 Agribusiness Forum will seek to demonstrate some of the elements that affect the way we do business. For example, things that happen on the other side of the world impact how we do business every day, including politics, economics and communications. These things pull our chain. Consumers expect a safe food supply and those expectations pull our chain, or impact the way we do business. Technology also has an impact on perceptions and opportunities for us as marketers. In addition, consumer trust, who they trust and why, right or wrong also pulls at our chain or the way we market and do business.

Many different elements can set off a chain reaction. This fall’s Agribusiness Forum will give you a glimpse into the role some of these entities play in our day-to-day business world as we explore who’s pulling our chain. Join us November 13-14 in Kansas City as we hear from noted economists, reporters, consumer food experts and more as they set the stage for how your business can face these challenges.

International economist Don Reynolds will kick off the 2007 Forum. Reynolds presents a fast-paced overview of major trends in the global economy and how it will impact agriculture. He is a firm believer that globalization will mean a golden age for American agriculture. He will discuss economic trends, currencies, energy, interest rates and the recent volatility in the financial markets and what you do to prepare for this change.

Other confirmed speakers at the Forum include: Mary Rosenthal, NatureWorks; Claudia Mobly, Sam Walton College of Business Center for Retailing; Matt McInney, Minneapolis Star Tribune; Additional speakers will be announced. Check the web for details at www.nama.org/forum.

Awards Luncheon
Join in congratulating the honorees of this year’s NAMA Professional Development Awards of Excellence. Each year, NAMA honors members with hands-on responsibility in marketing communications, public relations, product management and sales. Awards will be given in each of these four areas and the recipients will share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in agri-marketing.

The Agribusiness Forum will take place at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center. This hotel is near where the NAFB Convention will be held.

New This Year!
This year’s forum will be moderated by Jeff Pence, president of Farm Journal Digital Media, which includes the company’s internet, television and newsletter businesses.

Prior to Farm Journal Media, Pence was the President and Director of Qualitron Media, a closely held company that produced and distributed the national television programs, AgDay and WeekEnd MarketPlace. This business was acquired by Farm Journal in 1998, and Pence continues senior management responsibilities with the company today.

In his role as forum moderator, Pence will summarize each session and help attendees relate the information to their businesses.

If you are interested in sponsoring a session or event at this year’s Forum, fill out the on-line form at http://www.nama.org/forum/sponsorship/form.htm or contact Jenny Pickett in the NAMA office at (913) 491-6500 or via e-mail at jennyp@nama.org.

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