Who’s Pulling Our Chain?

Written by NAMA on Monday, July 16, 2007 , 2:10 pm

Don ReynoldsThe Agribusiness Forum, November 13-14 will focus on Who’s Pulling Our Chain. Don Reynolds, real world economist, futurist and international expert is expected to kick-off the 2007 Forum.

Having served 11 years as Chairman of the Investment Advisory Board of a $22 Billion trust fund, Reynolds success resulted in his being appointed by George W. Bush as Pension Board Chairman with oversight of $120 Billion in Pension & Trust Funds. He understands how important personal accountability and bottom line performance is, and the need for decision makers to have a clear vision of future trends and events in order to make successful long term strategic decisions.

Reynolds has lived 14 years overseas, visited over 50 countries, has lectured on Free Market Systems at the University of Moscow, spoken about the Global Economy for the Saudi Arabian Central Bank, keynoted the Australian IT Summit, advised the Heavy Equipment Industry in Rome, keynoted for international correspondents in Indonesia and spoken on the impact of global warming in Santiago.

Reynolds has a Masters Degree in Public Administration/Planning, a Doctoral background in Economics, and is a graduate of the Securities Industry Institute of the Wharton School. He has an honorary degree from the University of Moscow and was the first American member of the Moscow Center for Consulting Scientists.

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