Kids Get a New Perspective on Their Food

Written by NAMA on Tuesday, May 15, 2007 , 1:08 pm

MoKan Ag DayMore than 600 kids from across the Kansas City Metro area learned that food doesn’t come from the grocery store. They learned the origin of everything from crust to cheese to tomato sauce at an agricultural pizza party on Tuesday, March 27.The students and a number of educators got a hands-on lesson as part of the 2007 bi-state observance of National Agriculture Day (Ag Day) at the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs, Kansas.MoKan Ag Day

They began by studying six stations focused on each ingredient – dairy, meat, vegetables, wheat, etc. After the students learned about the ingredients that go into making the food they eat, they gathered to eatMoKan Ag Day pizza and ice cream. This celebration concluded with magician Rex Getz’s “Magical World of Agriculture” presentation.

“Pizza is one of the few foods that combine all four segments of our state’s agriculture including grain, vegetables, meat and dairy products,” John Schlageck, Ag Day spokesperson said. “Local commodity groups teach students how the ingredients in pizza come from farms and ranches, and how each is processed and delivered to the grocery store or restaurant.”

MoKan Ag DayThe Kansas/Missouri Ag Day Pizza Party is held in conjunction with National Ag Day – an annual celebration of the many men and women who provide Americans and others worldwide with food, fiber and fuel. While promoting unity in the food and agricultural community, National Ag Day provides an opportunity for the non-farm public to learn more about agriculture and its vital role in their lives.

“This ag program helps educate millions of consumers each year by sharing how agriculture provides almost everything we eat, wear, use and even fuel our vehicles with,” Schlageck said.

A special ‘thank you’ goes to the National Agriculture Center and Hall of Fame for serving as host. Thanks to the MidWest Dairy Association; Missouri and Kansas Soybean Associations; Kansas Wheat Commission; Kansas and Missouri Beef Industry Councils; Missouri Pork Association; Missouri Department of Agriculture and the Missouri Vegetable Growers. Each student gained information about agriculture’s role in pizza by participating.

The Tongonaxie FFA members do an outstanding job helping with this program. Their tasks are varied but they are always willing to step up to do what needs to be done. Our appreciation goes to them and their advisor Randy Kraft for their willingness to assist.

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