Osborn & Barr adds support to the AgriBusiness Educational Foundation’s VISION2020 through A.S.A.P.

Written by NAMA on Monday, February 20, 2012 , 3:18 am

The AgriBusiness Educational Foundation (ABEF)  is pleased to announce that Osborn & Barr has made a major contribution to the Foundation’s current fundraising program targeting Ag advertising agencies — A.S.A.P. (Agencies Supporting ABEF Programs). Osborn & Barr’s $5,000 gift will be used to help support ABEF college student scholarships, the National Student NAMA Marketing Competition, and other programs benefiting students and young professionals in Ag marketing. A.S.A.P. is an on-going program in support of the Foundation’s VISION2020 initiative to raise $4 million by the year 2020.

 “A wealth of employment opportunities exist in agribusiness, and it’s promising to see so many talented students who are serious about pursuing a career in this industry,” says Michael Turley, CEO, Osborn & Barr. “It’s rewarding to be involved with farm tours, summer internships and scholarship programs that not only educate, but spark in our youth a true appreciation for agriculture. Our involvement with A.S.A.P. is one more way we can do our part to support agribusiness and its future leaders.”

 Mick Sibbel, Chair of the Board of Trustees for ABEF, commented, “The A.S.A.P. initiative was developed to bring Ag ad agencies together to build financial support while becoming advocates for ABEF. Osborn & Barr’s commitment to the program is very much appreciated and will help us continue much-needed programming to develop the Ag marketing and communications leaders of tomorrow.”

 Agencies who sign up for A.S.A.P. follow certain guidelines in support of ABEF. In addition to an unrestricted gift to the Foundation ($500 to $100,000), agencies agree to provide information about ABEF to clients, employees, and suppliers, asking for their financial support of the Foundation. Agencies may also match employee contributions.

 “The agricultural landscape is ever-changing, and while we may not know the challenges that will come in 2020, we do know that our future depends on what we do today,” says Turley. “At the end of the day, we all want agriculture to thrive and prosper for years to come. We are proud to form an alliance with other Ag marketing and advertising agencies through ABEF and A.S.A.P.”

 Interested agencies can get more information about ABEF and A.S.A.P. by contacting Michael Gustafson, Deer’s Landing Communications, at 217-251-3659 (guswriter@yahoo.com) or Jenny Pickett at NAMA office at 913-491-6500 (jennyp@nama.org).

VISION2020 is a new initiative that seeks to raise up to $4 million over the next 10 years for college student scholarships, student and young professional development programs, and support of the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) Student Program. Funding may also be made available for outreach to high school juniors and seniors, promoting careers in Ag business, marketing and communications.

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