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Written by NAMA on Monday, January 15, 2007 , 8:04 am

Scott DemingWhat do people think of when they see or hear your name? How Powerful is Your Brand? Noted branding authority, Scott Deming, will lead you through the process of turning customers into loyal fanatics with every customer becoming a brand evangelist during the Second General Session at the 2007 Agri-Marketing Conference, April 11-13 in Dallas. Based on his new book, “The Brand Who Cried Wolf,” this presentation will break all boundaries of the typical customer service or brand building processes.

Deming started his own marketing and advertising company-RCI in 1983, which eventually grew into a multi-million dollar organization servicing Fortune 500 companies and many other medium to large corporations across the country. Scott and his firm helped their clients successfully grow their businesses and beat their competition with what could be considered (by the conservative competition) as renegade branding, sales, customer service and communications programs. Not surprisingly, it was this very same progressive thinking that helped Scott’s firm realize uncommon growth and success over a twenty plus year period and achieve many awards, such as The Business Journal’s “Most Inspiring Business of the Year”.

Unlike many agency and branding professionals, Deming knew early on in his career that great advertising alone was not going to build and sustain a powerful brand. Advertising was merely an awareness vehicle. If his clients were to truly grow their companies and create a powerful, emotional brand, they would do so by focusing more on relationships.
Today, Deming is an internationally known consultant and speaker on creating the ultimate customer experience and turning each and every customer into an evangelist. His clients include such notable corporations as 3M, Carrier, Royal Caribbean, Kodak, Verizon Wireless, The Scotts Company and GlaxoSmithKline. He has been interviewed for his unique approach to brand building on national radio business programs such as Bloomberg Business, Small Business Advocate, and News You Can Use. He has also been quoted in national publications such as Financial Events Magazine, Newsweek, Executive Excellence, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Join us, Thursday, April 12 at 11:00 a.m., for a fast-paced, high energy journey through six critical steps to create the ultimate customer experience and build a powerful, emotional brand.

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