Wizard of Ads Reveals Mistakes In Advertising

Written by NAMA on Monday, January 8, 2007 , 8:03 am

Roy H. WilliamsHave you ever been guilty of desiring instant gratification from your advertising?  How about trying to reach more people than the budget will allow?  Assumed that the business owner knows best?  Created ads instead of campaigns? Or confused response with results? Then you’ve committed one, or more, of the 12 most common mistakes marketing professionals make over and over again.

There are an unlimited number of ways to create an effective advertising campaign, complete with integrated marketing strategies, corollary public relations activities, and solid sales elements; however, the same twelve mistakes may keep holding you from taking center stage at the Best of NAMA Awards Ceremony. Roy H. Williams, the Wizard of Ads, will kick-off the Opening General Session at the 2007 Agri-Marketing Conference, April 11-13 in Dallas. Williams will show attendees the 12 things not to do when developing that campaign.

Nicknamed “the Wizard of Ads” by an early client, Roy Williams and his staff have been the unseen, pivotal force in amazing come-from-behind victories in the worlds of business, politics, and finance.

A lifelong student of humanity, Roy has spent a quarter-century asking, “What makes people do the things they do?” Roy indulges his fascination with the future, and the past, by reading science fiction and historical biographies. An avid writer of poetry, advertising, and screenplays, he is continually striving to connect with the audience. And he’s been using the things he’s learned to stimulate miraculous growth for his small business clients for more than 20 years.

AMC LogoWilliams created the Wizard Academy in 2000, which is located on 22 acres just outside Austin, Texas. Wizard of Ads, Inc., now has over forty branch offices in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and very soon Costa Rica and Guatemala.

The Wizard Academy is a progressive new kind of business and communication school aimed at improving creative thinking and communications skills. Its one-of-a-kind creative environment has spawned highly successful, and most-of-the-time controversial, ad campaigns for business clients in thirty-eight states. In a little over half a decade, the Academy has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon with an impressive fraternity of alumni who are rapidly forming an important worldwide network of business relationships.

Join us, Thursday, April 12 at 9:00 a.m., as the Wizard of Ads reveals the 12 most common mistakes in advertising and shares the secret success formula for that award winning…or even more important…that effective marketing campaign.

For more information about this session and the Agri-Marketing Conference & Trade Show, please visit, www.nama.org/amc.

To register for the 2007 Agri-Marketing Conference visit, www.nama.org/amc/register.html.

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