Overcommitted, Overwhelmed and Over It!

Written by NAMA on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 , 8:30 am

Success skills for the blisteringly busy.

Making time for yourself. Daydreaming. Taking time to enjoy the moment.

Sounds like a fantasy, especially with everything we have to accomplish in a day. Our calendars are filled with meetings, to-do lists and appointments. Get everything done and done well, and we’ll surely be happy.

“The trouble is, as a society, we’re not very happy,” says Juliet Funt who presented at the closing session. As daughter of Allen Funt who created the Candid Camera TV show, Juliet spent a lifetime observing the hidden truths beneath our social selves.

“We need to create ‘white space’ on our calendars,” Juliet states. “White space that allows us time to daydream, to take advantage of life’s simple moments.” Research has shown that daydreaming or allowing the mind to wander actually helps us be more creative, more productive.

So how do we create calendar ‘white space?’ By blocking off time just for us. And to do this, we’ll need to either do fewer things, or do some things less well. Juliet admits this may be difficult for most people, especially since we’ve been programmed to do more and more, better and better. Yet, there are certain projects that, frankly, no one will really notice how well they’re done. Or if they get done at all.

Juliet’s presentation pulled from a wealth of stories – both personal and gathered from friends, family and business relationships. Entertaining as well as informative, Juliet Funt capped off a great NAMA Conference.

Many thanks to the Beef Checkoff Program and Elanco Animal Health for their sponsorship.

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