NAMA Agribusiness Leader of the Year Jeff Simmons

Written by Chuck on Thursday, April 14, 2011 , 6:09 pm

Elanco President Jeff Simmons wants people in agriculture to speak up and make it personal when it comes to safe, abundant, affordable food.

The NAMA Agribusiness Leader of the Year says it all boils down to those four words. “I do think that we need to get our of our bubbles, get off of our farms and speak up because we are center stage right now,” he said. “It is our time and it’s a hot issue.”

Jeff told the opening general session of the National Agri-Marketing Conference that Elanco has just unveiled a website focusing on food production, world hunger and sustainability called “Plenty To Think About”. The site includes a white paper that focuses on three rights – food, a human right; choice, a consumer right; and sustainability, environmentally right.

Listen to or download an enlightening conversation with Jeff here:
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