Facebook, Twitter and YouTube…Oh My!

Written by NAMA on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 , 1:13 pm

How to Use Them Effectively and Measure Engagement

The online environment is constantly evolving – from its origins as simple and relatively static websites to the current interactive forums and dynamic sites that strive to meet user expectations for instant and 24/7 access to information and two-way conversations.  Today, more than ever before, brands and organizations are being held to a higher standard for authentic and honest communication to the immediate questions that are on users’ minds.

The platforms in which users receive that communication are changing as well.  Social media platforms – including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – are now considered mainstream, mass market communications tools.  As such, social media is playing an increasingly critical role in the everyday lives of users and how they receive and share information.

Using these social media tools can help extend your message out to key audiences, if executed effectively and integrated with existing campaigns or programs.  We’ll look at how to use these tools successfully and ways to measure your engagement with users.

Meredith Stevens, Digital Marketing Manager at National Cattlemen’s Beef Association will be presenting this webinar on social media.

To register for this webinar, visit http://www.nama.org/ConferenceRegistration/Default.aspx?confid=24.

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