Sailing Above Rough Seas

Written by NAMA on Monday, May 3, 2010 , 11:40 am

andyandrewsWords of Wisdom From a ‘Noticer’
written by Mike Gustafson, Deer’s Landing Communication

No one attending the second session would ever tell you that Andy Andrews lacked energy. He insisted that he was not a motivational speaker. Still, his personal stories were so engaging, his enthusiasm so remarkable, that everyone surely left the session knowing they had met someone special and were committed to following his advice.

That advice was rooted in a time when Andy was 19 years old, penniless and homeless after losing both parents. He lived under a highway overpass, bathed in the Holiday Inn pool, and took odd jobs to survive.  It was under that overpass that Andy met ‘Jones,’ a man who would challenge him to be better, to read, to discover himself, and to become a ‘noticer.’

One of the things Andy has noticed over the years: everything is a matter of perspective. Perspective brings calm. Calm brings understanding. Understanding leads to creativity. Creativity opens the door to answers.

Named by one New York Times writer as “a modern-day Will Rogers,” Andrews charmed the audience with stories and personal comments. He wrapped up by offering the two great ways to be great: 1) Smile while you talk; 2) Recognize people. By doing so, you will be that someone others will want to be around, to help, and to encourage.

Said Andy, “Even in the darkest times, there is proof of hope. You’re still breathing which means you’re still alive. So you still have a purpose in this world. The best is yet to come.”

This remarkable and unforgettable session was sponsored by Syngenta.

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