The Rules of Marketing & PR Are Changing

Written by NAMA on Monday, May 3, 2010 , 11:40 am

davidscottHow marketers can take advantage of new Social Media
written by Mike Gustafson, Deer’s Landing Communication

According to David Meerman Scott, opening session Keynote Speaker,
consumers are demanding information and messages that are more relevant to them. Plus, channels continue to proliferate with Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, texting, e-books and many other apps. So, how can marketers harness the power of these new rules of marketing and PR? David shared some ideas.

David insists that marketers must unlearn what they have learned. First, buyer persona, not product features, is the key. Different buyers have a completely different point view of what they want and need. A tricycle, for example, could be sold in different ways to parents versus grandparents. Neither of which would be the actual user, a child who would see that tricycle in a completely different way.

Secondly, marketers should earn attention by publishing information online. But not just any information. Publish something interesting and make it free. Then, encourage others to share that information or story by speaking to your buyers in their language and with real-life photos. David called this, “word of mouse.” Remember, though, that no one cares about your product or service except you. You cannot coerce people to share.

Finally, don’t be afraid to lose control of your marketing and messaging. You can manage some risk of viral marketing by going where your prospects are – Facebook, Twitter, and chat rooms. You can create triggers such as videos and contests that encourage others to share. And, you should always point the world to your virtual doorstep.

Many thanks to ABM Agri Council for sponsoring this informative and entertaining opening general session.

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