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Written by NAMA on Thursday, February 18, 2010 , 1:44 pm

Special thanks to our volunteers that helped in the planning of the 2010 Agri-Marketing Conference!

Agri-Marketing Conference Committee

Marjory Walker, National Cotton Council of America

Vice Chair
Lori Wohletz, Colle+McVoy

Committee Members
Tom Flynn, Lessing-Flynn Advertising
Rich Tiller, Ag Speakers Network
Margaret Oldham, Beck Ag, Inc.
Sally Behringer, Nicholson Kovac
Diane Johnson, Livestock Publications Council
Matt Coniglio, Fastline Publications
Scott McClure, Brighton Agency
Michele McCawley, PBI/Gordon Corporation

Executive Committee Liaisons
Kenna Rathai, Kenna B. Rathai Communications
Marvin Kokes, Natl. Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Trade Show Committee

Mike DeLuca, Meister Media Worldwide

Vice Chair
Kasey Gannon, IRON Solutions

Committee Members
Lynn Henderson, Agri Marketing Magazine
Judy Knoll, Agri Marketing Magazine

Executive Committee Liaison
Ken Dean

Best of NAMA Committee

Les Kahl, AdFarm

Vice Chair
Greg Guse, Paulsen Marketing

Executive Committee Liaisons
Kenna B. Rathai, Kenna B. Rathai Communications

Careers Committee

Curt Blades, Successful Farming

Vice Chair
Wes Meador, Rhea + Kaiser

Stacey Noe, Iowa State University
Dr. Laura Cheney, Michigan State University

Committee Members
Michelle Tollefson, Pfizer Animal Health
Randy Happel, Two Rivers Marketing Group
Jeff Hartz, Wyffels Hybrids
Deron Johnson, Rhea + Kaiser
Kristen Marshall, Nicholson Kovac
Matt Bornhorst, Agriculture Future of America
Claire Simmons, Monsanto

Executive Committee Liaison
Paul Redhage, FMC Agricultural Products

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