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Written by NAMA on Friday, September 4, 2009 , 8:46 am

allin_mauriceJoin us at 1:00 p.m. (Central Time) on September 17 for the next NAMA Webinar, How What You Think You Know Could Be Hurting Your Business – Overcoming the Limitations of “First-hand” Knowledge With Personas.

If you don’t have time to attend a chapter or national meeting, stay connected with your NAMA peers at a NAMA Webinar – you won’t even have to leave your office!

Each of us, while well intentioned, often uses a very different customer as the frame of reference to make product development and marketing decisions for today’s agricultural producer. Popularized by Alan Cooper in his 1999 book The Inmates are Running the Asylum, personas are fictitious characters created to represent the different user types within a given demographic.

Maurice Allin, Vice President for Strategic Insight at Quarry Integrated Communications, will discuss how personas can offer ag marketers a unique opportunity to better understand their customers. Maurice will demonstrate how a well-crafted set of personas highlights the customer characteristics that can help an organization and its employees to understand the “differences that make a difference.”

To register for the NAMA Webinar visit or call 913-491-6500.

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