Region II Best of NAMA Award Winners

Written by NAMA on Monday, January 25, 2016 , 9:45 am

Check out some pictures of the Best of Show Winners from the Region II Best of NAMA Awards Banquet at the Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, MO. Click here for the full album.

Click to view a list of the Region II Best of NAMA Award Winners!

Best of Show AdvertisingBest of Show: Ag. Audiences – Advertising
Advertising to Agribusiness
EG Integrated, In House – EG Growler

Lynnette Roxburgh, EG Integrated




Best of Show PRBest of Show: Ag. Audiences – Public Relations
Company and Association Magazines – External – directed to farm customers, prospects or others serving agribusiness
AMVAC, Woodruff Sweitzer, CWT Publication: Winter and Summer 2015 Editions

Katana Ewbank, Woodruff Sweitzer

Best of Show Digital and ConsumerBest of Show: Ag. Audiences – Digital
Social Tactic – a specific activity
CommonGround, Osborn Barr, CommonGround Video Promoting New Website

Jason Courtney, Osborn Barr


Best of Show: Consumer Audiences
Company or Producer-Funded Advertising Campaign Element directed to consumers
United Soybean Board/National Corn Growers Association, Osborn Barr, CommonGround
(same photo as Best of Show: Ag. Audiences – Digital)


Best of Show SpecialtyBest of Show: Specialty Audiences
Specialty PR Campaign
Diamond Pet Foods, Woodruff Sweitzer, Diamond Pet Foods and Dennis Dachshund

Kelly Loganbill, Woodruff Sweitzer


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