NAMA Announces 2016 Agri-Marketing Conference Keynote Speakers

Written by NAMA on Monday, November 16, 2015 , 9:50 am

image001[1]Once again, NAMA has assembled three internationally known thought leaders to continue building your agri-marketing career “From the Ground Up.” You’ll discover why compelling stories are the key to inciting action among your customers.

Get actionable ideas for creating measurable change to grow business and create successful campaigns. And walk away with the tools and inspiration to make some personal changes for a more fulfilling, rewarding life.

Joseph-Grenny_WEBJoseph Grenny
Marketing is Influence

The “Six Sources of Influence” represents the best that social science has to offer from over seven decades of careful research. It offers marketing leaders a powerful and portable way of doing what they are charged to do – create rapid, profound and measurable behavior change in order to help enterprises grow.

In this fast-paced, hands-on presentation, New York Times bestselling author Joseph Grenny will share a simple model for understanding and changing human behavior you can put to work in your marketing career.

Joseph Grenny is co-author of four immediate New York Times bestsellers and creator of four award-winning training programs of the same titles— Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations, Influencer and Change
Anything. He co-founded VitalSmarts, an innovator in corporate training and organizational performance, for which he was awarded the 2007 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

VitalSmarts has helped more than 300 of the Fortune 500 realize significant results using a proven method for driving rapid, sustainable and measurable change in behaviors. Named the 2008 Business of the Year by the Association of Learning Providers, VitalSmarts has also been ranked eight times by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America and has trained more than one million people worldwide.

davis_WEBAndrew Davis
INSPIRED! How brilliant brands create a sudden urge to act!

We create great content and smart creative. We target specific audiences using print, radio, television and digital media, and it works. But what if we went big? Much bigger. What happens when you think like a television executive?

Author and former television producer, Andrew Davis will teach you the five secrets to creating content that inspires demand. You’ll learn how to use Google Trends to measure your impact in the market. He’ll encourage you to own the entire consumer journey and show how to short-circuit the ‘search.’

You’ll walk away ready to create your own Moments of Inspiration: moments that inspire your customers to act in predictable and repeatable ways that drive big revenue. Andrew Davis’ 20-year career has taken him from local television to The Today Show. He’s worked for The Muppets in New York. He’s marketed for tiny start-ups and Fortune 500 brands. His latest book, Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships, is one of Amazon. com’s Top 100 Marketing Books.

In 2001, Andrew co-founded Tippingpoint Labs, where, as the chief strategy officer, Andrew and his team helped companies like Putnam Investments, Breville and TomTom. They built digital strategies for publishers like Rodale and Meredith. For more than a decade, Drew has changed the way publishers
think and how brands market their products in a digital world.

Jim-Morris_WEBJim Morris
Overcoming Obstacles

Everyone faces obstacles … in business, relationships and life. The key to success is in how you respond. The 2016 Closing Keynote Speaker is living proof that you can totally transform your life and your business if you put others first and find a mentor.

Speaking about second chances and overcoming incredible strife, Jim Morris’ story is a testimony that goals can be achieved, even if the odds aren’t in your favor. In fact, Jim’s meteoric rise from 35-year-old high school teacher to flame throwing major league pitcher in three months made cinematic history with the release of “The Rookie” starring Dennis Quaid.

“The Rookie,” a heartwarming and unforgettable Disney blockbuster about chasing your dreams and keeping your promises, won the ESPY for Sports Film of the Year. Sports Illustrated also voted it one of the five greatest baseball films ever made.

Jim has been a public speaker for 10 years and has participated in prestigious speaking events such as The Million Dollar Round Table. He is also the author of “The Rookie.” No longer living in silence, Jim will draw on his own life experiences to inspire your leadership and confidence that you can achieve your dreams. Audiences across the country find him motivating and entertaining— and you will too!

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