Leader Awards Announced

Written by NAMA on Thursday, April 19, 2007 , 3:30 pm

Leader AwardNAMA named the organization’s national leadership award recipients during the Second General Session on April 12.

The President’s Award was given to Tom Taylor, High Plains Journal; Mike Gustafson, John Deere received the R.C. Ferguson Award; The Workhorse of the Year Award was given to Sharon Larson, Martin/Williams; Barry Nelson, John Deere, received the Outstanding Chair Award; Scott Whitman, AgriLife Studios/MWI Comm. Group, took home the Dilworth Award for Innovation; and four meritorious achievement awards were given to Colleen Gerke, John Deere, Melissa Sanders, AdFarm, Kelly Loganbill, AdFarm and Dawn Foster, Farm Credit Services of America.

K-State Wins Marketing Competition for 2nd Year

Written by NAMA on Thursday, April 19, 2007 , 3:29 pm

Kansas State UniversityStudents from Kansas State University took first place for the second year in a row at this year’s Student Marketing Competition. The competition was held April 11-12 in Dallas, TX.

The Kansas State University team had 9 students involved with this year’s project to market “Cattlist.” The team spent the last several months doing market research, writing the marketing plan and developing a presentation.

The top six marketing teams this year were: First place, Kansas State University; Second place, University of Wisconsin – Platteville; Third place, University of Florida. Other finalists included: The Ohio State University, University of Guelph, and Sam Houston State University.

Students decide on a project and develop a plan to successfully bring the product or service to the marketplace. In developing their marketing plan, students follow the same practices and principles used by today’s marketing professionals. Teams submit a written plan summary prior to the competition and then make a formal presentation of their marketing plan to a panel of judges at the competition. The judges’ panel consists of marketing and agribusiness professionals.

Overall, 31 student NAMA chapters participated in the marketing competition. The competition is part of the annual Agri-Marketing Conference. Over 350 student members attended the conference.

For a complete list of all Student Awards and Scholarship Winners visit, http://www.nama.org/student/student-index.html.

Online Conference Photo Album

Written by Chuck on Friday, April 13, 2007 , 2:15 pm

I’d like to thank Eldon White and staff for once again letting me be your NAMA blogger. It’s been fun and I hope you enjoyed a look at the conference, especially if you couldn’t attend. I’ve also been feeding an online photo album for you too which has 299 photos in it. Maybe I can find one more to make it an even 300.

2007 Agri-Marketing Conference & Trade Show Photo Album

Friday Breakout Sessions

Written by Chuck on Friday, April 13, 2007 , 2:11 pm

Diane JohnsonOne the final day of the National Agri-Marketing Conference you could attend one of several breakout sessions before the closing brunch.

This one is called “The In’s and Out’s of Business Etiquette.” It was led by Diane Johnson. Here’s what you would have learned if you’d been there. All of this would be handy at a NAMA convention!

As business professionals, all of us have had to attend receptions and banquets. What are things to consider when greeting people, feasting on appetizers and drinking assorted beverages? How do you work a room professionally? What is the appropriate dress for various occasions? What are some basic rules for dining with business peers? These and other tips on business etiquette will be presented by industry veteran, Diane Johnson, to help you make people comfortable around you and to leave the best possible impression.

Reception for Eldon White

Written by Chuck on Friday, April 13, 2007 , 2:00 pm

Eldon White SurprisedYou know that Eldon White is leaving NAMA shortly for a new opportunity with the Texas & Southwest Cattle Raisers Association. Well we had to honor him somehow after about 16 years of service and one way was to hold a reception.

It was supposed to be a surprise reception and I think he at least looked surprised. Quite a few NAMA members stopped by to congratulate Eldon on his new job. He says he’ll become a member, perhaps president someday and then the staff better watch out! Eldon gave a lot of credit to his staff and says that the staff’s duty is to serve the members because the organization belongs to its members.

If you missed the reception, don’t worry. Part of it is on YouTube:

Armadillo Races

Written by Chuck on Friday, April 13, 2007 , 1:53 pm

Armadillo RacesA fun activity that we did in the NAMA Connection Point this year was armadillo races. If you didn’t participate it was just as fun to watch. Actually, maybe it was more fun.

These things aren’t easy to hang on to. These two racers had a close one as you can see. I also captured one race on video for you too.

It cost $10 to race and the money went to the NAMA ABEF.

Helicopters are Big in Connection Point

Written by Chuck on Friday, April 13, 2007 , 1:46 pm

HelicoptersYou never know what you’re going to find in the NAMA Connection Point (trade show).

This future NAMA leader was exhibiting a natural talent to run the mini helicopters in the J. L. Farmakis booth.

Perhaps the skills need to fly one of these things are similar to those needed to become a professional agrimarketer?

This was all done under a protective netting although I’m sure no one would have tried to fly their’s into some else’s airspace would they?

BTW. These last posts are being done from the airport. Here’s to hoping everyone makes it home safe, sound and on time.

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