Think Big. Think iPod.

Written by NAMA on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 , 8:25 am

Video iPodDon’t miss out on the NAMA membership promotion! New members who join NAMA between January 1 and April 6, 2007 will be entered into a drawing for a 30 GB Video iPod. In addition, existing NAMA members who recruit these new members will also be entered into the drawing. Just make sure when you recruit a member that they put your name in the “referred by” space on the membership application.

The drawing for the iPod will take place at the Connection Point Closing Reception on Thursday, April 12, at the 2007 Agri-Marketing Conference, but you need not be present to win.

Start recruiting members today and take home your new iPod after the conference!

It’s Harvest Season…Did Your’s Get Picked?

Written by NAMA on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 , 8:24 am

National JudgesOn February 22, twenty judges ventured to Kansas City on a balmy 60 degree day to judge the National Best of NAMA entries. The national entries consist of the first and merit winners from each region. Regional judging was held in Kansas City in November.

National judges awarded a first and a merit award in 60 categories and also awarded three Best of Show awards for advertising; public relations and specialty categories. The results of the national judging will be announced at the Best of NAMA Awards Ceremony, April 11, in Dallas.

Special thanks to all the national judges:

PR Judges Carol Anderson, Anderson/Fallon
Sally Behringer, Nicholson Kovac
Linda Bumgarner, VML
Leigh Ann Cleaver, Blasdel Cleaver Schwalbe Communications
Mike Dowling, Paulsen Marketing
John Dutcher, Dutcher & Associates LLC
Mike Gustafson, John Deere
Lou Ireland, Pioneer Hi-Bred International
Burke Johnson, Martin Williams
Phil Johnson, Colle+McVoy
Lani Jordan, CHS
Les Kahl, AdFarm
Boo Larsen, Osborn & Barr Communications
Greg Leaf, Group Leaf
Wes Meador, archer>malmo
Jim Myers, Rhea & Kaiser
Colleen Parr, Fleishman Hillard
Brittany Steuer, Charleston|Orwig
Eric Walker, McCormick Company
Catherine Wang, Gibbs & Soell
Winners in the 60 categories will be featured in the April issue of AgriMarketing Magazine. Best of Show winners won’t be featured until the June issue of Agri Marketing magazine. So you’ll have to attend the April 11 ceremony to find out if you’re the “Big” winner.

To register for the 2007 Agri-Marketing Conference visit

Badger NAMA Visits the Bucks

Written by NAMA on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 , 8:23 am

Milwaukee Bucks LogoWritten by Travis Balinas and Kyle Breunig

Badger NAMA traveled to Milwaukee on Tuesday, February 6th for a presentation on the marketing of a NBA team. The night was a great success and was capped off with a Bucks’ victory. The tour started at Bucks Courtside, a nice restaurant and exclusive club that only 1,500 season ticket holders are eligible to enter. The dining spot was created from a pre-existing office space in the Bradley Center. Before this season there were no full restaurants in the arena, and Bucks Courtside was built to create an all-inclusive aspect to the game.

The second stop was the Cambria Club. A buffet-style eating and social club that is totally open to the court on the west end. The Cambria Club is new and the fastest growing attraction. From its prime location, with a full view of the Bradley Center, to the elegance and prestige which radiates throughout the arena, The Cambria Club is the hottest destination and a must see new attraction, newly built in the Bradley Center. Tickets are $110 (including a game seat) and are only available in season packages. The main attraction is the food, which make the $110 a very good deal. Jim Grayson, director of sales, said they get rave reviews about the dinner. He also said that many people use the space before the game for networking. Another reason it is so successful is that you never lose sight of the game, as some in-stadium restaurants do.

One point that Grayson, and his assistant, Dave Trattner, made was that they were in the entertainment business. Their competitors range from tickets to a Packer game, all the way down to a night out at the movies.

The NAMA group received a copy of the 10-page game operations packet for the evening. This included the word for word script and the entertainment, contests, timeouts, advertising boards, and scoreboard wording as it played out. In professional basketball, their main goal is to “give the customer a valuable experience” and have the fan walk out of the arena and say, “I had fun.”

The NAMA professionals and students attending the event were treated to a wonderful dinner and lower level seats to the Milwaukee Bucks game, and four lucky winners were given court-side tickets, courtesy of the Bucks.

Northern Prairie Holds Fundraiser for NDSU

Written by NAMA on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 , 8:22 am

Mark DillonThe Northern Prairie Chapter held a benefit fundraiser for the North Dakota State University Student NAMA Chapter on Thursday, February 22, during the International Crop Expo in Grand Forks, ND. The featured speaker, Mark Dillon of the Golden Growers Cooperative, presented “An Overall Perspective on Ethanol Today and Tomorrow.” Mark shared with the group where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we are going within the ethanol industry.

Mark has served the past seven years on the board of the American Coalition for Ethanol, and for three years on the Northern Crops Institute Industry Advisory Board. He and others formed ProGold, a high fructose corn syrup processing plant in 1996, and also created Golden Growers Cooperative, a group of 2,100 corn growers who own a percentage of ProGold.

Some highlights from Dillon’s presentation were: Where We’ve Been – Henry Ford built the Model T to run on ethanol; this concept disappeared for about 8 decades and then came Gasohol in the 90’s; Where We Are Now – Today, there will be approximately 6.2 billion gallons of ethanol produced in 2007, which is an increase of 2,500% in 27 years. There are roughly 117 ethanol plants in operation and approximately 70 under construction; Where We Are Going – With the two legal blends of ethanol today, E10 and E85, blender pumps may possibly be the next hot topic. Consumers would have the option to select the % of ethanol versus gasoline they want to put into their vehicles at the pump. The biggest challenge – the automotive industry working with the ethanol companies.

Nineteen local Northern Prairie NAMA members attended the meeting, raising $450 for the North Dakota State University’s Student NAMA chapter’s upcoming April trip to the National NAMA conference and competition in Dallas, TX.

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