NAMA’s Newest Advocates

Written by NAMA on Monday, October 16, 2006 , 8:01 am

NAMA Advocate ProgramNAMA is proud to announce 3 new additions in the Advocate Program since the beginning of summer. The goal of the new advocates is to help recruit new members and advocate for the organization.

Special thanks to our new advocates:

Kara McDonald, Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association
Jeff Winton, Schering-Plough Corp.
Tom Mahoney, Lee Publications

For a complete list of NAMA Advocates visit,

If you are interested in becoming an advocate, you will receive membership materials from the NAMA office to help you get started. In addition, you will get the satisfaction of helping the organization and you’ll be recognized in the NAMA News section of AgriMarketing magazine, NAMA e-news and Grassroots newsletter. You’ll also be recognized at the Agribusiness Forum and the Agri-Marketing Conference & Trade Show with a ribbon on your name badge. You will also be invited to the “First Timer/Leader” reception at the conference.

Start advocating today! Sign-up at

Ethanol: Distilling Hope from Hype with North Central NAMA

Written by NAMA on Friday, October 13, 2006 , 8:46 am

North Central PanelBeginning the 2006-07 NAMA year, the North Central Chapter recently held its first meeting, Sept. 28, themed, Ethanol: Distilling Hope from Hype.

Drawing more than 35 members, the panel featured three industry experts: Gerald Tumbelson, president of the National Corn Growers Association; Randy Doyal, chief executive officer of Al-Corn Clean Fuel; and Ralph Groschen, senior marketing specialist in biofuels from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Each panelist offered different perspectives on the fast-paced ethanol industry.

“We’re not going to quit consuming oil. We just have to add to it,” says Tumbelson, pointing out that renewable fuels, such as ethanol, will not just help meet the country’s need for petroleum, but also to meet the growing demand.

Also noting the fuel versus food issue that’s been raised, Tumbelson says, “We really do produce food. Food will always be number one. People will be number one.”

All three presenters pointed to the need for constant improvement of the ethanol manufacturing process and efficiency, as well as the transition to new renewable fuel options. One example: converting celluloses (such as corn stalks) into ethanol.

While research in this area is advancing, Groschen also cautions that infrastructure and logistics of sourcing celluloses needs to be considered. Details from picking up corn stalks to dealing with weather at harvest can impact the product.

Panelists point out that addressing the nation’s energy crisis goes beyond just sourcing renewable fuels. Doyal notes there is a wide-difference in miles-per-gallon efficiency for vehicles that run on E85. Some show no difference compared to use with regular fuel, while others show a decrease in efficiency.

Effort needs to come from the auto manufacturers to create these efficiencies. It is possible, Doyal adds, referencing a university competition, where students created a 25 percent increase in fuel efficiency with E85.

“It’s frustrating when GM owns Saab. Saab in Sweden owns a 995 turbo in flex fuel that gets 20 percent more in fuel economy and more horsepower, but they aren’t importing it,” says Doyal.

As fast as the ethanol industry is growing, panelists’ comments imply there are numerous misconceptions amongst the general public.

A special thank you goes to Myrna Krueger of Colle+McVoy for moderating the panel, Padilla Speer Beardsley for hosting the meeting and Leslie Shuler of CHS for securing the speakers.

Chicago NAMA Members “Find the Time”

Written by NAMA on Friday, October 13, 2006 , 8:45 am

ChicagoNAMAIt seems that ‘not having enough time’ is a common problem these days. During a recent program by the Chicago NAMA Chapter, members learned successful time management skills from Frank Reed. Reed is the Staff Development Manager and Head Trainer for Rural Press Ltd., Sydney, Australia. Rural Press is the parent company for Feedstuffs and Farm Progress Companies.

Seventeen members enjoyed an hour-long program at Pheasant Run Resort in Saint Charles where they evaluated their own time management skills and learned tips on how to become more efficient. After the program, members enjoyed a cocktail hour and had a chance to network with peers in the industry.

Julia Goebel, Rhea & Kaiser, was the winner of an iPod shuffle, the door prize for the event.

Special thanks to Sarah Muirhead of Feedstuffs for coordinating the speaker, to Farm Progress Companies for their sponsorship of the speaker, to Frank Reed for his enlightening presentation, and to Jeff Walter & Ben Church of Rhea & Kaiser for coordinating the meeting arrangements.

Easily Measure Communication Effectiveness

Written by NAMA on Friday, October 13, 2006 , 8:44 am

Angela SinickasThe first Heartland NAMA chapter meeting of the new program year, September 21st, was a success with around 35 members and guests attending a half day workshop on “Developing Measurably Better Marketing and Communications.” The workshop was led by Angela Sinickas, president of Sinickas Communications and an expert on communication effectiveness measurement.

A non-analytical person, Sinickas confessed that she had to develop measurement tools to satisfy a previous boss who was very, very analytical. From that experience, she saw the value in measuring communications effectiveness and results. “It’s easier that you may intitially think,” she told the crowd of communications professionals in the auditorium of the GROWMARK and Illiniois Farm Bureau office building. She explained how to set measurable communications goals that lead to business results; pursue high-value performance measures; create tools for measuring communications messages, channels and outcomes; and calculate ROI on communications projects. Her favorite tool is the grid chart. “It’s amazing how quickly you can communicate results using a chart” she noted. “Even when it’s not full of numbers and data.”

Heartland Board Members The next Heartland NAMA Chapter meeting will be on November 20th. Held in conjunction with the Illinois Commodities Conference, this meeting will feature “Five Minute Meetings,” and offers an opportunity to connect with other business communicators and marketers in the Heartland NAMA region (Central Illinois). For more information contact Dennis Vercler.

Agribusiness Forum

Written by NAMA on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 , 11:35 am

Agribusiness Forum

Policy makers, producers, consumers and suppliers in the American food, feed and fuel system are strategizing to identify direction and added value for the system’s future. This fall’s Agribusiness Forum will give you a glimpse into the role each of these entities expects to play in the evolving marketplace here and across the globe as we explore the Global Forces Shaping Agriculture. We will hear from noted economists, innovative producers, consumer food marketers, commodity leaders as well as bio-fuels experts, as they set the stage for how your business will add value to this evolving system now and in the future.

Join us November 14-15 in Kansas City for the 2006 Agribusiness Forum hosted by the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA). Once again, the Agribusiness Forum will be at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center (near the NAFB convention hotel).

The early registration deadline for the Forum is just a couple of weeks away. Register now for the Forum before the rates increase after October 26.

To register for the Agribusiness Forum before the early deadline visit,

The Forum will take place at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center (near the NAFB hotel) and the cut-off date for making your reservations is also October 26. Reservations made after the 26th are subject to higher rates and potential unavailability. 

To make your hotel reservations, contact the Hyatt Regency Crown Center at 816-421-1234. Make sure you mention the “NAMA Agribusiness Forum” when making your reservations.

We look forward to seeing you in Kansas City at the 2006 Agribusiness Forum!

Early Registration Deadline Nears

Written by NAMA on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 , 11:33 am

The early registration deadline and hotel cut-off date for the 2006 Agribusiness Forum is Thursday, October 26. After October 26, registration rates will increase and any hotel reservations made after October 26 are subject to higher rates and potential unavailability.

To register for the Agribusiness Forum before the early deadline visit,

To make your hotel reservations before the cut-off date, contact the Hyatt Regency Crown Center at 816-421-1234. Make sure you mention the “NAMA Agribusiness Forum” when making your reservations.

For more information on the sessions at the upcoming Forum visit,

Global Forces Shaping Ag

Written by NAMA on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 , 11:32 am

Kick-off Session
Tuesday, November 14 (2:00 – 3:15 p.m.)

Jim WiesemeyerGlobal Forces Shaping Agriculture
Jim Wiesemeyer, Informa Economics, Inc.

The rapid emergence of the bio fuels industry has shifted production emphasis from food and feed to fuel. Global economic pressures are impacting where and how products are grown. And, consumer trends further compound this very complicated picture. Policy makers struggle to adapt regulation and trade agreements under this rapidly changing production landscape. Noted economist and Washington observer, Jim Wiesemeyer, will set the stage for our look at the Global Forces Shaping Agriculture as he explains the interaction of these global forces and Washington’s reaction.

Jim Wiesemeyer is Vice President of Policy and Trade Issues for Informa Economics Inc.’s Washington, D.C. office. He is also the Washington consultant to Pro Farmer newsletter. Besides writing for Informa Economics’ daily Morning Comments, Jim has a column, Inside Washington Today, on

To register for the Agribusiness Forum visit,

For more information on the Forum and the speakers visit,

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