Happy Holidays

Written by NAMA on Monday, December 19, 2005 , 1:32 pm

Christmas TreeIn honor of the Holiday Season, the NAMA Office will be closed on December 23 and will reopen on January 2. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season and we’ll see you next year!

Best of NAMA Banquets

Written by NAMA on Monday, December 19, 2005 , 12:59 pm

AMC LogoIf you entered the Best of NAMA competition, you’re probably getting curious as to whether you won something or not. Regional and chapter banquets have been set for January, just visit the NAMA Calendar for a listing.

There are two regions that, while they are not having a banquet will still be sending out plaques to the winners. If you entered through Region 6 (Chesapeake, Eastern & Ohio Chapters) or Regon 1 (NAMA Pacific, NAMA Cal, Desert Southwest & Central California NAMA Chapters) you can expect to receive your plaques and winners lists in late January. All winners of regional awards will be notified February 1 via e-mail regarding advancement to the national judging in February. National winners will be announced at the National Best of NAMA Awards Ceremony, which will kick-off the 2005 Agri-Marketing Conference and Trade Show, April 19-21 in Kansas City.

Below is a list of regions and chapters that will host a Best of NAMA Ceremony:

January 12 – Region III Best of NAMA Ceremony in Des Moines, IA
January 12 – Midsouth Best of NAMA Ceremony in Memphis, TN
January 17 – Carolinas/Virginia Best of NAMA Ceremony in Durham, NC
January 19 – Region IV Best of NAMA Ceremony in Fontana, WI
January 26 – Region II Best of NAMA Ceremony in Kansas City

For more information and registration information on the Best of NAMA Regional/Chapter Banquets visit the NAMA Calendar.

Welcome To NAMA!

Written by NAMA on Monday, December 19, 2005 , 12:50 pm

Since December 3, we’ve had 2 new members join NAMA. Please welcome:

Dierdre Kieren-Iciek, Gratiot County Fair for Youth

Nick Block, John Deere Company

New Advocates

Written by NAMA on Monday, December 19, 2005 , 12:45 pm

NAMA is proud to announce 4 new additions to the Advocate Program. The goal of the new advocates is to help recruit new members and advocate for the organization.

Special thanks to new advocates, Lori Strum, Strategic America; Stephanie Vinton, Agri-Access; Lee Dueringer, Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation; and Sally Behringer, DTN.

For a complete list of NAMA Advocates visit, http://www.nama.org/advocate.

If you are interested in becoming an advocate, you will receive membership materials from the NAMA office to help you get started. In addition, you will get the satisfaction of helping the organization and you’ll be recognized in the NAMA News section of Agri Marketing magazine, NAMA e-news and Grassroots newsletter. You’ll also be recognized at the Agribusiness Forum and the Agri-Marketing Conference with a ribbon on your name badge, and will be invited to the "First Timer/Leader" reception at the conference.

Start advocating today! Sign-up at http://www.nama.org/advocate/advocatesignup.htm

NAMA e-News Makeover

Written by NAMA on Friday, December 2, 2005 , 1:07 pm

As you’ve just noticed, the National NAMA e-News has been given a makeover. We hope that you will find this version more beneficial and user friendly.

Some helpful things you’ll need to know:

1. All articles were listed in your e-mail version, however, you can also choose various articles from the “index” list on the left side of this page under the “e-News Dec 2 ’05” section.

2. The standard articles, such as the Job Postings, NAMA Calendar, and Student Network are also available on the left side of this page under the “reference” section.

3. Want to view a job posting? It’s simple, just login using the same password you use to access the membership directory and postings on the NAMA Web site. If you don’t remember the password, just e-mail Linda Schaefer at lindas@nama.org.

4. If you are looking for a certain article or for certain information, you can use the “Search” feature to locate what you are looking for.

5. If you want to look at issues from previous months, the e-News will be archived so you can take a look at past issues.

6. You will also be able to add comments to articles or even update your chapter events on the NAMA Calendar.

We want to hear your opinions on this new look, please add any feedback you may have on the new e-News by clicking on the “comments” button below!

Southeast NAMA Update

Written by NAMA on Thursday, December 1, 2005 , 12:39 pm

Southeast NAMA Membership Chair, Lee McCoy (Southeast AgNet), was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus recently. Lee, a NAMA member since 1982, says the cancer was caught early so the outcome is optimistic. He will have more information on the treatment and outcome over the next few weeks as more test results come in. Please keep Lee in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

If you would like to send words of encouragement to Lee, please post your comments below or contact him at (678) 423-1097 or via e-mail at lee@southeastagnet.com.

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