The Next Big Food Thing

Written by Chuck on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 , 3:15 pm

NAMA Agribusiness ForumThis afternoon former U. S. Sec. of Agriculture, John Block, Food Marketing Institute, conducted a session on Consumer Food Trends – The Next Big Thing. He said that it’s really difficult to predict what that would be and presented some research on recent consumer patterns and trends.

He also moderated a panel with Ellen Kreimendahl, Balls Food and Charlie Bradbury, Nolan Ryan Tender Aged Beef.

What would you ask these folks?

Decision Making Time With John

Written by Chuck on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 , 12:00 pm

NAMA Agribusiness ForumI’m out in the hall posting this while John’s speaking inside. He must be a broadcaster based on the volume coming out of the room. John Phipps hosts U. S. Farm Report and entertained and informed at lunch.

At the time of this picture he was talking about memory but I can’t remember why.

Who’s Feet Are These?

Written by Chuck on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 , 11:54 am

NAMA Agribusiness ForumHere’s a mystery for you to solve.

Who’s shoes/feet are these?

The first person to correctly identify the person who is wearing these shoes wins an AgWired t-shirt!

Learn How To Ding From Jill

Written by Chuck on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 , 11:46 am

NAMA Agribusiness ForumJill Howard-Allen, Southwest Airlines, had quite a few questions after her presentation. I think that people found her presentation to be very interesting and different than what they expected.

I don’t know if you Ding or not but I interviewed Jill and asked her about why Southwest Airlines, uh, Dings. You can listen to my interview with Jill here: Jill Howard-Allen Interview

Ding, You Have An Offer

Written by Chuck on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 , 11:21 am

NAMA Agribusiness ForumThe second session of the day was a very interesting look at how Southwest Airlines is using the internet to connect with their customers.

The presentation was given by Jill Howard-Allen. It was all about Ding.

Do you have Ding? Does that make you a Dinger?

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